Cultural changes have been rapid and intense for several decades.
How far do churches react to these fundamental social and cultural changes?

Especially about France we may say that malfunctioning and loss of pertinence may be due to a discrepancy between the global culture evolution and the one occurring in local churches.

Therefore we need to develop a certain number of objectives:

-research and activity analysis about this situation
-recollection of any innovation so as to set up a diagnosis
-new consciousness of this reality
-favouring practical modifications.

Témoins, an interdenominational Christian association, is a group in which observing and comparing are of an outstanding priority. Involved in a spiritual motivation, together with biblical inspiration and witnessing, the members of Témoins participate in a church implication based on the Gospel.

In 1998, a research group has been gathered so as to aim at studying institutional traditions through inquiries, French and foreign research literature analysis.
Just like in other areas of society, Church tradition evolution should benefit from an observatory aiming at setting up a process around research, innovation, communication and expression. Thus the denomination of this group: Christians for Innovation and Research.

More precisely, the target would be to launch a crossroad opening a dialogue between genuine Christians meeting professional sociologist experts.

In this setting, the group has produced a number of texts published in a special edition of Témoins (“Which Church for Tomorrow?” /N°128, Dec. 1999) and will write the column “Emerging Church” of the magazine.

Moreover, collaboration has been developed with other groups in particular with “Gospel and Culture”.

Now, with you, we wish to expand on this very site a new communication opportunity. Henceforth, you may access to this research process and join in our common thinking.

Traduction de l’original “Chrétiens pour l’innovation et la recherche” assurée par Gérard GELBART

Références: Groupe Recherche Témoins

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